Sustainability requires handling multifaceted balances

The post about Balancism (German: Balancismus) leads to the question, what balances we should have a closer look at and manage day-to-day and in the long run for sustainability reasons and for fighting climate change succesfully? With this blog-post a long list of balances is begun. Therefor the structure from the post about Balancism is used:


Let’s start with the following first ideas for balances:

Body | Food | Motion

Sustainability Action Framework

Assets | Things | Logistics

  • balance of quantity over time, quality (especially fair trade, reusability, ecological footprint) and costs over time for the things we own/buy
  • balance of buying, repairing, exchanging and trashing
  • balance of your personal needs and related ecological footprint impacts
    (see Sustainability Action Framework:

Sustainability Action Framework

Brain | Information | Mentation

  • balance of studying information we need to know and studying information we are (passionably) interested in
  • balance of quality and quantity of information

Relations | People | Communication

  • balance of quantity and quality of contacts to people
  • balance of what we think and what we speak about
  • balance of online and offline communication

Soul | Goals | Values | Action

  • balance of short term and long term goals and related actions
  • balance of material and immaterial goals, values and related actions
  • balance of how easy and how difficult the goals can be reached
  • Balance a set of values to follow

Additionally we balance thoughts and actions related to body, brain, assets, relations and soul. Please, feel free to suggest further balances 😉


Über Ronald Deckert

Analytiker, Entdecker, Sinnmacher
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